Blepharitis Inflammation of the eyelids

Blepharitis Inflammation of the eyelids

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The blepharitis It is an inflammation of the edges of the eyelids. They appear red, scaly, and inflamed. You can find crusts of dried pus on the child's eyelashes, mainly in the first hour of the day.

There is no seriousness and the doctor should be consulted if the child's eyes appear sticky or if the condition does not disappear within a week.

Blepharitis is usually caused by seborrheic dermatitis or by a bacterial infection and sometimes it is a combination of both. Allergies and lice infestation on the eyelashes can also cause it, although these causes are less common.

This condition is characterized by an excess in the production of oil of the glands near the eyelid, which creates a good environment for the excessive proliferation of bacteria that are normally present on the skin. The eyelids appear red and irritated, with scales hanging from the base of the lashes.

Blepharitis can be connected with repetitive styes and chalazion. Risk factors are seborrheic dermatitis of the face or scalp, rosacea, lice, and allergies.

In the morning and in the evening, moisten a piece of cotton in a solution made with warm, boiled water and half a teaspoon of salt. Then wipe each (closed) eye from the inside out. Always repeat the operation changing the cotton. In the event of an infection, the doctor will prescribe an anti-inflammatory eye drop or ointment.

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