12 advantages of being a father

12 advantages of being a father

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Pajama party daily; Being able to do crazy things without anyone calling you crazy; Play, finally, with the toys you dreamed of playing with as a child ... These are just some of the advantages of being a parent. But there are many more.

A dad picks up in a funny video up 12 advantages of being a father. If you still have a question about paternity, don't miss it. Maybe it will help you make a decision.

Nights and nights without sleep, almost zero outings with your partner (or with your friends), continuous anger and chronic fatigue. You will only go to the cinema to see cartoon movies and the parties will now be with balloons, chocolate cake and piñata. You will fight for the remote control with little ones that do not exceed twenty feet or it may take forever to find it. You will spend the day collecting the house and you will end up resigning yourself to the evidence: it can never be collected.

Yes, parenting has its downsides. But it also has its advantages. Of course. Do you want to know which ones? A youtuber parent (Chobichoba) lists up to 12 (although there are many more).

1. Delete yourself from the gym (you already do enough exercise with the children every day).

2. Learn to eat with one hand (the other will be busy with the baby).

3. You will develop extreme concentration (and you will be able to isolate yourself from yelling and fighting).

4. You perpetuate your DNA (although sometimes they don't look like you).

5. You will learn the sexy dance to sleep babies (infallible formula).

6. You will learn to take blows and this will make you stronger (physical and emotional).

7. You will like Christmas again (and the Three Wise Men will always be right with your gift).

8. You will have a pajama party every day (sometimes until the next day).

9. You will be able to make up for the mistakes your parents made with you (and make your own mistakes).

10. You will learn to speak well (active control of bad words).

11. Even if you do crazy things, you will always have dedicated fans (your children).

12. You will be able to do 'tricks at home' (and be a kid again).

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Video: What Representing Men in Divorce Taught Me About Fatherhood. Marilyn York. TEDxUniversityofNevada (November 2022).