The effects of candy on children's weight

The effects of candy on children's weight

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Lack of time, the massive use of new technologies and the large supply of manufactured products are changing children's diets. There is less quality and more speed when it comes to eating. According to an expert in Atlantic diet, the consumption of sweets or sugary drinks can cause children to gain about 4 kilos of weight per year.

It is necessary to remember that being overweight can favor the appearance of cardiovascular diseases and others, as well as damage the joints and other organs due to the accumulation of fat.

Childhood obesity seems to have no brakes. The consumption of jelly beans in many children is already a vice that takes its toll. It's one thing for them to eat some jelly beans at a birthday party or other special occasion. Another thing is that they consume it every day. And it's not just about trinkets. Rafael Tojo, an expert in the Atlantic diet, warns that the daily consumption of juices or any other sugary drink also increases the weight of children. According to him, you need a stable and balanced rhythm when preparing meals.

Good nutrition consists of a complete and adequate breakfast, and a diet based on fresh seasonal products of plant origin, such as fruits and vegetables. Apart from vegetables, it is recommended that you eat more fish (especially blue), dairy products, cereals, and drink more water. You should limit foods rich in fat, especially saturated ones that are in sugar and salt.

The head of the service Pediatrics of the Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de Santiago, Rafael Tojo, draws attention to the importance of practicing physical activity, and limiting children's access to television and computers. And if possible, follow the Mediterranean diet. In fact, recently, the results of a study revealed that in Spain, 1 in 4 children is overweight, between 3 and 5 years of age.

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