Video of a bad example of a father

Video of a bad example of a father

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Definitely, there are parents who should never have read the primer of the basic commandments for their children. Among these commandments, which are mandatory, is to guarantee the safety and physical integrity of your child. Take care of him when he is sick, make sure that dangerous objects are not within reach, ensure that he travels in his regulation seat, do everything possible not to subject him to unnecessary risks ...

It seems like common sense, but there are parents who either do not have it (common sense) or left it parked before the vain and tempting taste of success and applause.

Hey, here are the basic commandments every parent should follow:

- Take care of the health of your child and guarantee their shelter

- Provide affection and affectionate attention to the child

- Provide adequate nutrition for the physical development of the child

- Provide education and transmit basic values ​​to the child

- Never leave you alone when you need us

That is, play with him, love him, shelter him when he is cold, talk to him, listen to him, hug him, help him grow, physically and emotionally. And above all, protect you. Without being cloying or excessive. Just protect him. From a socket, from a window, from a danger that could cause you irreparable damage.

That's why when watching the video in which a father supposedly throws his three-year-old son down an immense ramp of Red Bull X-Fighters on his tricycle fills me with indignation. It does not matter that it is just a game of optical effects and that the protagonist is actually a doll. It's a bad example, no doubt, and just one more representation of what many parents are capable of. Children are not toys.

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