Crafts for 7 year olds

Crafts for 7 year olds

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In we have selected a series of ideal children's craftsto entertain and amuse 7-year-olds. These are crafts for children that are simple but at the same time adapted to their evolutionary process.

They will help them gain agility with the hand, at an age when they are already capable of writing and have to perfect their technique. 7-year-olds can do thesecrafts for Christmas, Carnival, Halloween or to give for Father's Day or Mother's Day.

We offer you a selection of children's crafts perfect for 7-year-olds. They are fun activities and they will also teach them important values ​​such as recycling.

Bracelet with beads. On our site we show you how to make flower-shaped bracelets using beads. Making bracelets, necklaces or rings is an activity that amuses and entertains children a lot.

Hippo case. How to make a children's case for back to school. In this case, it is a case in the shape of a hippopotamus. Very simple children's craft for children.

Witch bag. On our site we suggest you make this original bag with a witch's face to place Halloween sweets. It is a craft made with eva rubber very simple to make and, above all, very fun. You dare?

Tiger mask. Tiger mask for children. Children will have fun with this tiger mask craft that our site offers us. A good option for your child's costume, so that they can have fun playing in these happy parties.

Fans with ice cream sticks. Children's fan craft with ice cream sticks from our site. Toys for children with recycled materials. Original recycling crafts for children. Fan with ice cream sticks, craft to play with children.

Fire truck. One of many children's favorite toys is fire trucks. From Guiainfantil we have been thinking about how to create our own fire truck for children to play with homemade toys. We teach you how to do it using egg boxes or egg cups.

Cardboard football table. On our site we suggest you make a homemade table football using recycled material. A very easy and fun craft with which children will make their own toy. With just a cardboard box and some scraps of paper you can do it.

Advent Calendar. We propose you a craft so you can make your own Advent calendar with recycled material. You will need 24 rolls of toilet paper, paint, glue, wool, scissors, and candy to fill your calendar.

Car with rolls of paper. How to make a homemade car with children. On our site we teach you how to make a car using rolls of toilet paper. A very easy and simple recycling craft to do.

Origami butterfly. Paper butterfly. With this video tutorial from our site, children can learn step by step to make paper figures, origami, crafts for entertainment, parties and birthdays. Fun games for children. Paper figures for children.

Snail with balloons. Learn to make a beautiful snail to play with the children. On our site we teach you how to easily make a snail. Balloon twisting for children.

Card with flowers. Flower card for Father's Day. Children's crafts for father's day and mother's day. Homemade postcards to make gifts with your children. Easy and simple crafts to do with children.

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