Ideas to make an original Christmas nativity scene

Ideas to make an original Christmas nativity scene

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On such special dates as Christmas, making a nativity scene that is different from the rest is a very important challenge. The Virgin mary, San José, the Child Jesus and the mule and the ox have had different versions throughout history, but there is nothing better than getting to work with Crafts original and simple for the whole family, for one Christmas different and pretty.

1. Cardboard nativity scene: For all those who have time for a simple craft, we can make a cardboard nativity scene. It is about drawing the figures of the protagonists, where we can also include the Magi of the East. How to make it simple? The shape has to be a tube, that is, we have to cut each character into squares and roll, glue it until they are like tubes.

Afterwards, it will be a matter of drawing their features and the colors that make each of their protagonists recognizable, so that they will always be 'standing'. For the portal, it will be very simple, since a piece of cardboard will have to be cut into three parts, to establish the two walls and the ceiling. So that the cardboard tubes that will be Saint Joseph, the Virgin mary and Baby Jesus, nothing like gluing it to a wide cardboard surface that will fit all.

2. A portal with light bulbs: Who said the Virgin mary or Saint Joseph they couldn't be done with light bulbs? To make it a fun and original nativity scene, there is nothing like being able to make a Birth different. The process is simple, with bulbs that are already spent, we can draw with a marker or with tempera the faces and bodies of each of the Christmas protagonists. In addition, this way we will be able to hold them with the base of each bulb with a static thread to be able to move them at a given moment to each of the sides of the crib.

3. A cut-out nativity scene: With the thread of the cardboard nativity scene, we can make one that has Christmas characters made with folios or papers. The process is just as simple, since what we have to do is draw the silhouette and later paint the attributes that make the characters easily recognizable. So that the paper does not bend, we can stick it on ice cream sticks to be able to handle them until they are established each one in their position until the arrival of their Majesties of the East.

4. Boiled eggs for the nativity scene: It may seem unusual, but it is very fun and it is very easy to do. Once we are clear about the number of 'invited' characters to our home nativity scene, we must cook the eggs that will represent each of them. The reason they are cooked is that they will not dismember if they rub against the surface. Afterwards, it is necessary to paint the faces of each of them with a permanent marker, and if we want to add some recognizable symbols so that it is known at a glance who is who in the beautiful Christmas. Later, we can add clothes made with fabric tailored to each egg, or even with paper cutouts of each specific color.

5. Plasticine for Christmas: For those who have less time to create but more desire to enjoy having fun, we propose a carefully crafted nativity scene with plasticine. The best? That the colors of the Virgin's mantle, the manger or even the mule and the ox will be given by the clay itself, and it will only be a matter of 'kneading' the clay with skill.

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