The best Christmas from a baby to his parents

The best Christmas from a baby to his parents

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If your baby could send you a Christmas card, what would it be like? Surely, as your child is a baby of the 21st century, he would not hesitate to use digital media.

Definitely, your baby's Christmas would be a video, a recorded video so you can see it on the internet. But ... what about the message? What would your message be?

Can you imagine that a group of babies could come up with the perfect Christmas card? As the most successful videos on the internet are those of babies and animals, they would have half the success rate guaranteed. What if they put the two most viral topics on the internet together in the same video?

The babies protagonists of this cute Christmas have a plan: to unite babies and animals in the most viral video of Christmas. To do this, they have to disguise themselves as animals. Easy. Thanks to the amount of video tutorials they have seen on the internet, they know how to sew.

Then there is the subject of the message. What do they want to tell their parents? Share your video? Give it a like? They are very clear about it: what they want is to leave their mobile and computer for a moment and share ... more time with them.

Actually, this video, recorded by the chain of Chiquitín nursery schools, serves to alert parents of excess consumption by their children of new mobile devices. They already handle tablets and smartphones like nobody else. But they miss something very important: playing with their parents. Play, using the strictest analog meaning of the word.

- Play to lie on the ground, jump, run.

- Play to prepare some cookies, to get stained with flour in the kitchen.

- Play at squashing the clay, even if it ends up rolling on the floor.

- Play to visit their uncles or grandparents' house.

- Play to listen to stories.

- Play around the city to see the lights, skate, look at the Christmas trees and listen to Christmas carols.

And of course, live, without devices in between, Christmas with their parents.

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