How to know if my child has a dual personality

How to know if my child has a dual personality

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A dual personality disorder can be caused by severe trauma during early childhood or by physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. Most people can experience a mild personality dissociation which is like daydreaming or mentally losing yourself while you're working on something, and this can be totally normal. However, when dissociative identity disorder or double personality occurs in a serious way, a mental process appears where there is a lack of connection between thoughts, memories, feelings, actions or a person's sense of identity.

Split personality can stem from trauma as it is thought to be a survival mechanism. The person, in this case the children, literally dissociates himself for a situation or experience that is too violent, traumatic, or painful as to assimilate with the conscious self.

Dual personality disorder is characterized by the presence of two or more different identities or parties, different personality states that continually have power over the behavior of the person. But there are also some signs that are worth paying attention to to identify if a child may have a split personality and take him to the specialist for evaluation:

1. Inability to remember key personal information, seems lack of memory.

2. Memory variations highly differentiated that fluctuate with a splitting of the personality.

3. Appear different identities who are the same age, sex or race.

4. Each identity has its own postures, gestures and way of speaking.

5. Sometimes the identity can be an imaginary animal or someone.

When each identity is revealed and the behavior of the child is controlled, this fact is called 'switching' and can take from seconds, to minutes and even entire days. In addition to the signals described above, it is also necessary to take into account some symptoms to sound the alarms and seek the help of a professional:

1. Depression and suicidal tendencies.

2. Mood swings.

3. Sleep disorders.

4. Anxiety, phobias, or panic attacks.

5. Compulsions or rituals.

6. Psychotic behaviors such as auditory or visual hallucinations.

7. Eating disorders.

8. Headache, amnesia and loss of time.

9. Trances or out-of-body experiences.

10. Self violence.

A child with a double personality may show behaviors that he would not normally do or say things that have nothing to do with his personality or way of being ... he feels compelled to do so. It is like being the passenger in a foreign body and they think they have no choice.

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