Books on hyperactivity and hyperactive children

Books on hyperactivity and hyperactive children

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1. Testimonials of mothers with hyperactive children
Various Authors
There are clueless and restless children who find it almost impossible to obey, study or simply keep up with the other classmates at school. On the other side of the barrier are mothers whose dedication and dedication are overcome by exhaustion, frustration and sometimes impotence. They have wanted to tell it personally. It is the first book to collect direct testimonies from mothers with children who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome.

2. You are not alone
María Jesús Ordóñez and Roberto Álvarez-Higuera
This book offers the reader the testimony of a married couple about the process of searching and finding answers for their son's behavior problems. Written in a direct and entertaining style, but accompanied by rigorous information, it will be very useful for parents of children who suffer from attention disorder with or without hyperactivity. The authors wanted to share their experience, but especially their achievements. It is a book that, without denying the serious consequences of this disorder if it is not diagnosed and treated, raises an optimistic vision, from full confidence in Medicine, but also in the power of human relationships lived from love, understanding and solidarity.

3. The hyperactive child
Inmaculada Moreno García
Hyperactivity is a complex disorder that worries and worries the parents of the child who suffers from it. They are the recipients of this practical guide that aims to answer questions such as the following: Is our child really hyperactive or just something more active and restless than normal? Are hyperactive children more prone to accidents? How can I handle my hyperactive child's difficult behavior in public situations? Why are repeated punishments having no effect on their behavior? What do I tell the teacher when he complains about my son? How can I avoid so much anger and fights with his brothers? Where can I seek professional help?

4. Living with a hyperactive child
Dr. Carlos Lozano
Living with a hyperactive child is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either. Although many desperate parents think that it is a lost cause, there are several ways to ensure that the home does not become a pitched battle. Dr. Carlos Lozano, with more than thirty-five years of clinical experience in Pediatrics, seeks with this book to reduce the drama of the problem and identify and focus the hyperactivity disorder to avoid diagnostic confusion, something very common today.

5. Strategies for understanding and helping children with attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADHD)
Conxita Puig, Cristina Balés
Teachers, and educators in general, would like to understand ADHD children better in order to help them in their learning, but they often do not find the practical information necessary to do so and are forced to work with insufficient media. This book fills this gap in practical information about the disorder and is designed especially for the educator, with the purpose of helping the AD / HD child to improve in school and being an effective instrument for the teacher to work in a more satisfying way and get positive results.

6. Never still always distracted. Is my child hyperactive?
Paulino Castells
This book approaches attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) from different angles and helps to recognize it at each age group. Impulsive, nervous, emotional children and adolescents, who drive teachers crazy and baffle parents, who do not stop still and show inattention, are susceptible to suffering from this disorder. It is important to diagnose them, since only with the appropriate treatment can they be influenced to have a positive behavior in adulthood.

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