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Homemade sugar glazed donuts

Homemade sugar glazed donuts

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Have you ever prepared homemade donuts as a family? They are one of the favorite buns for children, to pamper themselves at snack or breakfast. With a dough similar to a sponge cake, very soft and sweet, which is fried and decorated with sugar or glaze. If your children ask you, invite them to prepare the recipe for Homemade sugar glazed donuts. They will love them!

Spending time together in the kitchen is great family entertainment. Also, being a homemade recipeYou will also make sure that children eat homemade food without preservatives or colorings.


  • 400 gr of strength wheat flour
  • 5 gr of fresh yeast
  • 80 gr of sugar
  • 125 ml milk
  • 50g butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons vanilla sugar
  • Oil for frying

Although its content in fat and sugar is high and should be consumed in moderation, only on some occasions. There are very few children who resist these bagels or donuts at snack time.

Are you ready to cook with children this delicious homemade donut recipe? If you have all the ingredients already prepared ... Let's start with this bun for breakfast, snack or dessert!

1. Put the sifted flour in a bowl, make a hole in the center and crumble the yeast with your hands. Add the milk at room temperature and mix everything, always from the outside to the inside. This is a chore that kids will get dirty with and have a great time - a great sensory exercise!

2. When the dough is already forming add sugar, butter or margarine (also at room temperature) and the vanilla sugar. Beat the eggs with a pinch of salt until frothy and add it to the mixture.

3. When the dough has been well homogeneous, cover it with a cotton cloth and let it rest for about an hour, in a warm, dry place away from drafts.

4. After this time, roll out the dough with the help of a rolling pin on a floured surface, until it is about a centimeter thick. Cut the donuts with circular molds or with the help of the knife and make the holes.

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5. Let it rest again, covered with the cloth, for an hour and a half or two hours (depending on the temperature).

6. Heat abundant oil in a frying pan. When it is very hot, add the donuts one by one, and let fry until golden. Take out and let them drain on absorbent paper.

7. Sprinkle with vanilla sugar to decorate. If you want you can mix the sugar with a little ground cinnamon.

If your kids love homemade donuts but want to find alternative recipes that contain less sugar or substitute for wheat flour, take a look at the ideas below. These options are healthy and besides,they are still delicious! Let's see some ideas that you can prepare as a family. Children will have a great time mixing and kneading the ingredients.

- Pumpkin donuts
Pumpkin has a sweet flavor that could be a substitute for sugar in donut recipes. To make this preparation we need to roast pumpkin and mix it with a rich whipped cheese and whole oat or almond flour. After going through the oven and with a touch of cinnamon it will be even richer.

- Threads with whole spelled flour
Did you know that donuts can also be prepared using spelled flour? And even better if it is comprehensive. The result may not be as fluffy, but the donut will be healthier. The rest of the recipe is very similar to the conventional donuts that we have proposed before.

- Sweeten the donut with date paste
Date paste, ripe banana, grated coconut, or even ground cinnamon can be good substitutes for sugar in this recipe. It is about incorporating them into the donuts so that they are very tasty without having to use sweeteners.

- Substitute milk for a vegetable drink
In case someone in your family has lactose intolerance or does not drink milk, you can substitute it in the recipe for some type of vegetable drink (better if it does not have added sugar). A good option could be, for example, the almond or oatmeal drink.

Cooking as a family It is always a great idea, since it allows us to spend very fun moments together, while reinforcing children's abilities, skills and autonomy. On the other hand, we offer children culinary knowledge that they will appreciate as adults.

However, as the guide 'Children ... let's cook!' produced by the California Department of Public Health Network for a Healthy California, we can never forget a series of basic precautions to avoid domestic accidents. In summary, these are some of the most important points to keep in mind when cooking with children.

- Adult supervision is always necessary.

- Before cooking, you must wash your hands well with soap and water. We also have to make sure that the area where we are going to cook is clean.

- Careful with things that are very hot! Food fresh from the microwave, frying pans, the oven ... should always be handled by adults with the right tools (gloves, rags, save surfaces ...) to avoid burns.

- Knives can be very dangerous, so we must assess whether our children are prepared to use them alone. In any case, we must teach them to grip them well and avoid cutting their fingers with which they hold the food.

- Food should be kept at the right temperature, either hot or cold. Otherwise, they could be damaged. In addition, raw food must be kept separate from cooked food to avoid poisoning.

And, finally, we could not miss the opportunity to propose other rich recipes for both donuts and donuts or bagels that you can also cook as a family. There are preparations of different styles, some simpler and others more complicated, so that you can find the one you like the most.

In today's cooking session ... we make homemade donuts!

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